Preservation Blues

by Salty

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when you get that sinking feeling


released February 8, 2017

Jonathan Brokaw - vocals, guitar
Zach Turner - synth, soundscapes
Ethan "Macho Man" Savage - drums
Andrew Erdrich - bass (except on 0% Survival Rate)

Recorded by Jonathan Brokaw
Mixed by Tim Harte and Jonathan Brokaw
Mastered by Tim Harte

all lyrics by Jonathan Brokaw



all rights reserved


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Salty Kansas City, Missouri

KCMO's own Salty. Not to be confused with BKNY's Salty which us not as salty as Salty (KCMO)

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Track Name: Do the Choice!
The warm phlegm of the afternoon
you cough to clear your throat
and lurch across the room
you know you have no choice

(you want to move it until the end of time
and tell you mind "don't mind"
you start to shake, shimmy shimmy shake
do the choice! x4
you want to love them until the end of time
if they stay so fine, so fine
you start to stop once you spot the rot
do the choice x4)

you bang your chains in the afternoon
you start to raise your voice
at the endless walls of an endless room
you know you have no choice

you know it goes like this...

another strand in the afternoon
they link to block your voice
you crawl across the room
you know you have no choice
Track Name: 0% Survival Rate
figures, measures, data
it's not too late!
to build it, grow it, harvest
domestic fields
and seal it, seal it, seal it
our terrorvision
to fix it, fix it, fix it
our horrorvision

bullets, measure precision,
we must debate
to kill them, burn them, raze them
the foreign fields
and steal it, steal it, steal it
our terrorvision
to fix it, fix it, fix it,
our horrorvision

time just calculates
zero percent survival rate x2
while we wait xinfinity
Track Name: Die Lil Pupper (Requiem for Straw Doggos)
No food in the bowl
no bone on the floor
(you're gonna die lil pupper
die lil pupper
die lil pupper where you lay)
big dawg bigger bark
terror in the dark
Someone yells "lay down"!
Someone yells "shut up"!
eat up for your health
each dawg for itself

One day you'll be on top of the pile
blood and drool dripping from your teethy smile
one day you'll forget where you buried your bones
in the backyard, whimpering all alone

Each dawg has its day
each one locked away
each dawg chase its tail
eat itself real well
no food in the bowl
no bone on the floor
puppy you were born
whimpering you'll return
die lil pupper with your tail between your legs
Track Name: Baby, Me Walk Upright
(Baby me walk upright
swear me walk upright
i do you do do we do we all do)

you can tell by the weight of my arms
you can tell by the height of my chest
you can see by the gleam in my teeth
you can tell me noble beast


you can tell by the weight of my thoughts
you can tell by the way i stack rocks
you can tell by the way i build blocks
you can tell me ready to rock

i'm ready to rock...

middle of a dog fight, swear me walk upright

Track Name: Manifestering
pale, thirsty corpses on their ships
have come to drink breath from all lips
'cause each man needs a home
like mankind needs a Rome
the odd ones will be pushed
into the ground
in the valleys outside of town

our caravan has turned the land
to ash beneath our burning hands
'cause each life needs a plan
to protect the civil man
and every foreign tongue
has been stripped out
from our mouths
on Pleasant Hills

and every child shall be glad
they meal they had was pumped from
a heathen's heart
we have been born
from the jizz
of pilgrim's porn
Track Name: Hello, Paradise
Hello paradise
the way you cut her hair
the way you act real nice
like you just don't care

I want to meet you there
because i don't wanna be here
all alone on the telephone
sweet nothings in my ear

Hello paradise
the way you cut his hair
the way you share advice
like you just don't care

I want to meet you here
because I can't get there
the tire's flat and we can't go back
and we wasted all our years

Well, you can choose your god
reach out, roll back your eyes
do what you like
And we can meet some time
you shave my head and cut all ties
it's what you like

Hello paradise
the way you dance from sight
into Sunday mornings
and keep me up at night

but I don't want to be here
and I don't want to be there...
Track Name: Damaged Glandz
Oh no! The ego starts to shred
damaged glandz
hiding under sheets and you're whispering to the dead
damaged glandz
grinding at your teeth and you're gnashing at the sleeze
damaged glandz
foaming at the mouth and buckling at the knees
damaged glandz

oh no! you got to keep control!
oh no! you got to go with the flow!

stumble in to the party
have yourself a good time
keep yourself together
try to follow the fine line

Oh no! It's running out of fuel!
damaged glandz
blood in the brain and there's blood in the stool
damaged glandz
foaming at the mouth and collapsing at the meats
damaged glandz
dying inner voiced dying under mommy's sheets

no more equilibrium
just these damaged glandz
Track Name: High Tension
She likes his face and his style
asks him to stay for awhile
they dream of towers glassy and high
bound to the earth
under blue skies, while

(high tensions envelop

They Sunday brunch and then stroll
to keep themselves fit and dull
they trust in sidewalks and borderlines
they pray to order, saints and fines while


If we could take the good times
wrapped up in our palms
we'd taste it
we'd chew it
and rip it all to shreds
and throw it all away
nothing stays the same
nothing will remain

He feels the knife in his side
barking commands, he abides
the wealth of life stolen in worthless guts
she raises her voice
unraveling the scenery, cindering

and wondering why
we wonder why, why why?
and then we die
die die die die die die die die dieeeeee
Track Name: Dawgs of Paradise
When you meet the drooling dawgs of paradise
and they shake your hand to gnaw your bones
will you stand with pride, holding your guts inside?
soaking up the sun's rays all alone

and fade back
into teenage angsty life
into whiny toddler strife
before you even had a slice
Cheeseburger in Paradise (tm)

you work so hard to keep it all together
you do it every single day
chasing your recognition down the funnel
you only feel your flesh
being stripped away

(and fade back, into nothing)

you are alive and so you must deserve it
your sunny weekend getaway
dragging your meat pile to the local smoke pit
you only watch the grease
dripping from your brain


you must be good
you must be food
you must live exactly as you should
the son of man, the son of dawg
with a side of coleslaw and baked beans
well take me to museum
or the coliseum
show me how to live happy and free
just as long as you KILL me BEFORE you FEEL me
you got to kill me

((and, oh, we'll dance to the joy of flies))